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That's what makes America special—the government has to prove you're guilty, rather than you having to prove you're innocent.So a juror’s fear wasn’t supposed to play any role in their decision. And if you have any sexual fantasies at all—which of course you do—you're a little less safe.

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But let's not pretend that there's nothing concerning about a man who takes it out of the realm of fantasy and takes the first steps towards making it a reality. And someone who is online having sexual chats with someone he believes to be a 14 year old is a criminal. Even if talk to someone about having fantasies of speeding, and even if it contributes to someone wanting to speed, that discussion is nevertheless totally illegal, and doesn't become illegal because it might contribute to speeding and is therefore a "rationalization".Maybe she wears a little plaid skirt and lace socks (made in adult sizes for just this purpose), and coos at her partner, “the principal.” Maybe she pretends to be a high-priced hooker and he pretends to be a customer.More politically-minded people enjoying playing an erotic fantasy game involving Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger. The prosecution tried to get me to say that most people who fantasize are sick, which I wouldn’t.Just like it could actually be a 60 year old man ... He wanted it to be a 14 year old girl and didn't make sure it wasn't. It is clear that he likely thought it was not a 14 year-old.If he wanted a real 14-year-old, he would have gone to a number of other locations.

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